Going round the houses

The six types of house in detail

There are six different house designs to choose from: The Florence, The Talma, The Elzina, The Sukey, The Mae and, last but not least, The Pia.

This part of the website allows you to study each house in detail, to help you make your choice.

Just click on the icon that represents the house you wish to see.

Distinctive looks.

You’ll notice that the designs are pretty distinctive. That’s because, as far as possible, they reflect the vernacular of traditional local architecture.

In fact, a house in the village of Great Oakley itself is the inspiration for one of the designs, The Florence.

A short film introducing The Florence, a three-bed house that draws its inspiration from a characterful cottage in Great Oakley.

The others take their cue from slightly farther afield. But, as much as possible, all hold a mirror to traditional buildings to be found in the locality.

Not that there’s anything old-fashioned about the way the houses will be built. Every house in Oakley Orchards will incorporate up to the minute innovations in sustainability and energy efficiency.

Each will have superb insulation and could have heat pumps, wood burners and triple glazing.

They are also designed to make the most of the warming qualities of the sun.

Passive House standards.

The outer fabric of all the houses at Oakley Orchards will be built to Passive House standards.

That’s to say that the exteriors will employ features that aid the conservation of energy.

You can learn more about Passive Houses in this short film by Hans-Jörn Eich, founder of Pinwheel Structures.


Florence features 161 square metres of floor space spread over three floors. There are five of these detached houses available, each offering four bedrooms and a fifth room that can either be used as a workroom or as a bedroom. [more…]

The Pia


Pia is the smallest house in Oakley Orchards at 85 square metres of floor space. Semi-detached and on two levels, it offers two to three bedrooms. [more…]


Mae provides 119 square metres of floor space, offering three bedrooms and plenty of other living space spread over two floors. Five of these detached houses are for sale. [more…]


16 of these three-floor houses are available. Each one is detached, separated from its neighbour by a carport. In total, the Suki offers 154 square metres of floor space, three bedrooms and a fourth room that can either be used as a bedroom or an office. [more…]


Elzina is like Florence’s big sister. A detached family home with a possible five bedrooms spread over three floors it offers 207 square metres of floor space. Eleven are for sale in Oakley Orchards. [more…]


Talma is Oakley Orchards biggest house at 248 square metres of floor space with the possibility of five bedrooms or four bedrooms and a large workroom. There are seven of these detached houses available. [more…]