Custom Build:

A dream way to get a dream home.

If you watch programmes like Grand Designs you’ll see people struggling to build their dream home from scratch.

It takes blood, sweat, tears, money and, most likely, years off their lives.

That’s one way of building a dream home. But there’s another way. Our way. It’s called Custom Build.

We’ve found a suitable plot of land, at Oakley Orchards. We’ve found the architect. And we’ve found the builders.

We get the planning permissions, install the roads and set up the services.

All you have to do is choose your house type and how you’d like it configured.

Choose which accessories you’d like and which built-in features you want to include.

And, once you’ve bought your plot of land, place the order for your home with one of our vetted builders.

The contract for the build will be between you and the builder. But we’ll be on hand to advise and to monitor progress.

What could be easier? It’s a dream way to get a dream home.

To sum up, the five stage process.

  • One, you choose your house type.
  • Two, you agree to buy your plot of land, with all mains services in place.
  • Three, you specify how you would like your house configured.
  • Four, you place your order for the house and complete the purchase of your plot.
  • Five, you move in.

Pay less Stamp Duty.

There’s an advantage to be gained from buying a plot of land and then building a house on it. That’s because Stamp Duty is calculated on the cost of the land alone.