Who’s behind Oakley Orchards

Oakley Orchards is a joint venture between local farmer, Pete Thompson and award-winning company, Village Makers.

Pete Thompson’s family has been farming at Great Oakley for many years now. Pete’s father, George Thompson, took over the farm in 1948. And it’s been in the family ever since.

Pete is a keen conservationist who does all he can to encourage sustainability and to make sure that his farming activities have a positive impact on the local environment, wildlife and community. He sees his involvement in Oakley Orchards as an extension of that on-going ambition.

You can find out more about Pete Thompson’s farm here.

Award-winning developers.

Village Makers have been designing and building houses since 1993. It’s a company that sets out to build neighbourhoods with neighbourliness at their heart.

An example of this in action is the award-winning eco-village, The Wintles, in Shropshire. Neighbours there have bonded with each other, helping community spirit to thrive.

The founders of Village Makers, Bob Tomlinson, Ian Hollocks and Carole Salmon are still running the company and have over two decades of experience behind them.

Like Pete Thompson, they are determined that Oakley Orchards will have a positive impact on Great Oakley and its local community.

You can learn more about Village Makers here.

An award-winning village

One of Village Makers’ earlier projects, The Wintles in Shropshire, has won not only praise, but also awards for its design.

Local farmer Pete Thompson

Pete Thompson is a keen conservationist who strives to protect the integrity of the local environment.

Surrounded by fruit

Oakley Orchards will be planted with orchards that grow three different types of fruit, Damson, Medlar and Mulberry and one nut, Walnut. Residents of Oakley Orchards will also have access to allotments.