The Mae

A good-sized family home

The outside of the Mae offers a number of options. You can choose whether you have a ‘sun space’ or not. And you can opt for a balcony or bay window, or choose to have both.

It’s a three-bedroom house on two levels, offering a total of 119 square metres of living space.

Like all the houses in Oakley Orchards, the Mae is designed to make the most of the warming qualities of the sun, is superbly insulated and is fitted with every conceivable aid to energy conservation.

It also features gables on three sides, reflecting architecture that is typically found in North Essex.

There are five plots available to accommodate this house type in Oakley Orchards.

The floor plans below are indicative of the way in which space could be allocated across the floors. However, because this is a custom build, you will be able to change the configuration to suit your own needs.