The Elzina

Like the Florence, only larger.

The Elzina is, to some extent, the big sister of the Florence. It’s a large, five-bedroom family home that extends over three spacious floors.

In fact, the total floor space adds up to a hefty 207 square metres.

Exterior features include distinctive Essex-style gables and a surface-mounted chimney flue, also to be seen on many buildings in the locality.

The front of the house features a large porch and a two-storey ‘sun space’.

As well as a walk out balcony, the master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom. While elsewhere in the house, there’s a shower room and a large family bathroom.

Provision has been made for eleven of these properties to be built in different parts of Oakley Orchards.

The floor plans below are indicative of the way in which space could be allocated across the floors. However, because this is a custom build, you will be able to change the configuration to suit your own needs.