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Oakley Orchards

Where good neighbours will feel at home

What makes a good neighbour? The quick answer to this question is a number of things.

Shared values are one. Consideration for others is another. Friendliness is a third.

But we’d argue that there’s a fourth quality that’s critical, if people are to become good neighbours: a decent and sympathetic environment in which to live.

It was with this thought in mind that Oakley Orchards, a new neighbourhood of 51 houses being built in the village of Great Oakley in Essex, was conceived.

Every aspect of the design – from the open spaces, to the layout of the pathways and the location and orientation of the houses – is designed to encourage people to meet and talk to each other.

There are even four communal greens, to promote activities such as fêtes and other community events.

So, if you’re a soul who would like to dwell amongst fruit trees, green spaces and like-minded folk, a home in Oakley Orchards could be just what you’re looking for.

Play the video above to see what is sometimes described as a ‘fly-through’ of the neighbourhood. It’s a digitally animated film that shows every aspect of Oakley Orchards in great detail. It only takes a few minutes to watch and will give you a good idea of what Oakley Orchards has to offer.

An interactive map of Oakley Orchards

As well as our digital animated fly-through film of the development we have an interactive map. This will enable you to see where the different house types are situated across the development, and which ones are still available to buy. [more…]

Choose from half a dozen custom-build house types

Oakley Orchards offers six different custom-build house types, from the smallest, the Pia, to the largest, the Talma. If neither of these suits you, you’re sure to find something in between from the other four house types that will satisfy you and your family’s needs. [more…]

Turn your house into your home

There are limited differences on the outside of houses of the same type but the inside is a different story. You can customise the inside to your heart’s content, turning your house into your home. [more…]

The folks behind the neighbourhood

Oakley Orchards is a joint venture between local farmer, Pete Thompson, and a company called Village Makers, run by Bob Tomlinson and Carole Salmon. [more…]

What's in and around Great Oakley

Great Oakley has a lot to offer but so, too, has the surrounding area. Beyond the village, there’s everything from river estuaries to nature reserves, from seaside resorts to country towns, and plenty more besides. [more…]

How much will my home cost?

Getting an idea of the cost of building each type of house to a medium range interior spec. [more…]